Fuel Polishing and Conditioning

fuel-polishingFuel Polishing incorporates high quality fuel filtration to remove water, asphaltenes, sediment and other precursors of fuel instability. MNI’s fuel polishing equipment along with Bell Performance Fuel Treatment Products provide full support for fuel maintenance needs. In any application where diesel-powered engines provide the horsepower to get the job done, the horsepower must be ready to run on call and for the duration of the critical times. Diesel-powered engines used in equipment may sit without operation for long periods of time until that horsepower is needed to perform. They may also be widely dispersed in numerous unique equipment or across diverse locations throughout a client’s fleet.

For fuel that is darkened or simply in danger of crossing the instability threshold, fuel polishing is an essential step in the preventative maintenance process. Chemical treatments and additives are important tools as well for preventing the deleterious processes that degrade fuel quality. But they can’t really do anything about the sediment dropout once it’s in process. High-quality fuel filtration involving multiple size filters is a key step in the process used to return fuel to useable condition and, just as importantly, ensure that stored fuel stays in peak condition for the maximum period of time. Fuel Polishing and chemical treatment is an essential service MNI deploys for recovery and maintenance of diesel fuel systems.